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What kind of cold frame should I purchase?
43x43 readygreenhouse cold frame

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Can I add auto solar venting to my greenhouse or cold frame?
readygreenhouse auto solar vent
You can add auto vent opening to your series 4300 cold frame here

You can adapt our auto vent opener to your greehouse windows here

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Should I buy a greenhouse or build my own?
readygreenhouse success
The first greenhouse we built we copied the design of a commercial gable greenhouse but made it 18' wide.  The support arches were place on 4' centers to handle snow and wind loads.  The design was strong supported snow and stood up to the wind.   When we tried to build smaller greenhouses the cost got to be more expensive  than buying a prefrabricated product from China.  Follow the link to see examples of our 18' wide by any variable of 4' till 196' long.

18' wide gable style greenhouse

Can I buy just the special UV greenhouse plastic from you?

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Where can I buy small portable greenhouses?

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What can I use to help me germinate seeds inside the house?

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